Sustainability Plan

Our Sustainability Plan

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From our collective commitment on eliminating modern slavery in our supply chains to introducing more sustainable packaging and removing unsustainable products such as our balloons, we've been working hard to increase the positive impact our business has on our communities and our planet.


From field to florist to that someone special, we recognise the impact that sending flowers has on the world around us, so we want to do more! We want to make conscious decisions that care for the environment and the people that work throughout the floral supply chain, that's why we're working to build sustainability into every aspect of our business.


Our new sustainability plan, Buds of Change, will build on all the work we’ve already done to create connections and support local business, growing our flowers into an even greater force for good.

Meaningful change never comes from a single person, idea or organisation. It comes from a collective action – a group of people with shared values, and a shared vision. That’s why we need you, our florists.

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We’ve also built a forum of passionate florists who will help us on our sustainability journey from taking part in surveys to testing out plastic-free packaging.


It’s not too late to get involved!


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We're so excited to have you on board so we can start making real and continuous change, together.